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 Wake up Leo


Fizzes of guitar and synth with huge choruses and fragile refrains; these are the Hallmark of  Leo Ulph and his band. There's a story to tell round every corner and If you're yearning for a show with satire, humour, theatrics and poignant commentary on modern life, all set to pumping riffs;  look no further.

"Wake Up Leo is an artist with cracking songs and big personality - go and see a show now to hear the anthems of the future." 
Phil Harrison - BBC Radio Kent.

"Wake Up Leo has a sound unlike anyone else. Very few artists create a good sound from mixing multiple genres together, but this is something Wake Up Leo has achieved amazingly well"

'Bowie meets The Killers' - Gary Crowley, BBC Introducing in London.





Wake Up Leo

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Wake Up Leo

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Press enquiries: judd@landerpr.com

General enquiries: wakeupleo@outlook.com